Strategic asset allocationThe right opportunityPrepare for the new day

Strategic asset allocation

XST helps its customers make better decisions based on environmental conditions.

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The right opportunity

XST provides knowledge so our customers know when the time is right to get the best out of their opportunities.

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Prepare for the new day

XST assist its customer in making data driven decisions to gain advantage.

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XST, Inc. is a small business providing consulting services which facilitate the implementation of technology and processes to maximize human capital.

Mission: Execute research and technology development, to facilitate better decision making.

Vision: Our advanced technology solutions allow customers to exercise their training, skills, and experience to make better decisions.


  • Support to Joint, Maritime, Expeditionary and Special Warfare Operations
  • Advanced Technology Development
  • MetOcean Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning

XST is a proud member of The Maritime Alliance!

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